What Can You Bet On?

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Many people love to have a flutter now and again, but betting on the same things at the bookies such as horses or football can sometimes get a little samey. So what else can you gamble on?

The truth is there is almost no limit to the kinds of things you can bet on, and bookies will often offer odds on a wide variety of weird and wonderful things. So if you are bored of sport or simply have no interest in it, this doesn’t mean you can’t have a bit of fun and maybe make yourself some money in the process.

Finding online betting sites through us you will also find that, as you embark upon these weird and wonderful bets, you will also be offered some great free bets. With overheads being lower online, betting sites can give you some free money to play with when you first start using their site, and in turn you can find that making those kooky bets is even more rewarding.

So, whether you want to wager a pound or two on the outcome of the next major reality TV show, how long it will take for the coalition government to break down or which will be the next royal to announce they are tying the knot, you can not only have fun doing so, but also get some free bets out of it in the process.

whatever you want to bet on, we can help you find the sites to give you the best odds and some free money to make it even sweeter.

Guide to Online Bookmakers

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Using online bookies can be a quick and convenient way of placing a bet. With twenty four hour access and many opportunities to obtain free bets, internet bookmakers can be the ideal betting outlet for those who are unable to access high street shops.

Although most online bookies have a set of terms and conditions which players must abide by, generally these are not too onerous. For instance, there is usually a minimum deposit needed by the website to open an online account. Often, bookies will also have a minimum bet requirement and sometimes even a maximum level to ensure that all betting activity is controlled.

Once a player has accepted the terms and conditions, there is usually the options to place free bets in order for the gambler to try a range of different wagers.

To place a free bet (or even a fee-charging stake), a player simply chooses from a range of options regarding games, stakes and amounts they want to bet (if anything). Internet based bookmakers also offer players an accounts page where betters can manage their winnings and bets. This page shows the full picture of what bets have been placed and when these have taken place.

Most of these websites will have an online guide to making bets. This is a useful tool especially for those who are new to online bookmakers and should be studied by those new to betting.

Here at GetFreeBets.co.uk we can access a massive selection of online bookmakers which offer a wide variety of betting opportunities.

Online Gambling ‘More Popular than Social Networking’

December 26, 2010 by admin  
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Social networking websites such as Facebook have risen in popularity over recent years and now many consumers use them.

However, research conducted by Nielson Media has found that in the UK, online gambling web offerings, potentially including those that offer free bets, are used by more people.

The firm discovered that 3.2 million people visited bookies and casinos over the web over the course of the last year. This was a rise of 40 per cent on the previous 12-month period.

In contrast, 2.2 million individuals went on Facebook and other social networks.

Nielson Media also revealed that almost half of those who use bookies and casinos online earned a living of at least £30,000 per annum.

Also, of those who use sites that provide paid and free bets, nearly one in two (46 per cent) were female.

Meanwhile, many of the gambling websites available online use female-friendly colour schemes and other things designed to appeal to women.

Responding to the findings, Neil Beston from Nielson said the economic problems being felt in the UK and elsewhere have had an impact on the landscape of online betting.

He stated: “The over-65s and those on lower household incomes have historically been heavy users of gambling sites, but in the face of the recession this profile is changing.”

The expert added: “While the phenomenal growth in gambling sites over the last two years has been driven by men and women of all ages, it appears to be powered particularly by middle-aged men, the well-educated and high-earning households.”

Online betting shows no sign of decreasing in popularity and experts anticipate use of such sites will continue to rise.

Indeed, the choice of offerings available to consumers both in the UK and elsewhere is constantly expanding and they are becoming increasingly diverse and sophisticated.

Web Bookies ‘Popular Among Young Americans’

December 6, 2010 by admin  
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The popularity of web-based bookies has risen in the UK over recent years and it seems the trend towards paid and free bets online is also growing across the Atlantic.

Research conducted by the Annenberg Adolescent Communication Institute has found that American high school females and college-aged males are increasingly making use of such resources over the internet.

A survey carried out by the organisation revealed that 16 per cent of college-aged males have used bookies over the internet on a monthly basis.

This is a significant rise from the 4.4 per cent who reported such activity in 2008.

Meanwhile, high school-aged females tripled their use of paid and free bets over the web during this time. The figure was up from 0.5 per cent in 2008 to 1.5 per cent in the recent poll.

And it appears as though online gambling is taking over from more traditional forms of the activity since overall, the monthly and weekly rates of online and offline gambling put together fell for both high school and college-aged males compared with the 2008 survey.

Responding to the findings, which were based on a telephone poll of Americans aged between 14 and 22, institute director Dan Romer said they reflect that fact that young people are able to pay for the activities.

He remarked: “The dramatic increase in use of online gambling by college-aged male youth indicates that payment restrictions on such sites are no longer a barrier to young people.”

The Adolescent Communication Institute was established as part of the Annenberg Public Policy Centre eight years ago and it aims to promote healthy youth development by educating the public, academics and policymakers about the latest scientific advances in reducing risks to adolescent health.

Its findings, which are based on national surveys and externally funded research, are communicated via books, scientific reports and on the internet.

GetFreeBets.co.uk Comment On TV Show Betting Boom

December 3, 2010 by admin  
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GetFreeBets.co.uk, a leading UK-based online bookmaking advisor, comment on the increasing trend for placing bets on the outcome of TV shows.
Over the past decade, reality TV has become a staple of the schedules, with shows such as ‘I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here!’, ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ and ‘The X Factor’ now massively popular across the UK. Many bookmakers now take bets on the outcomes of these and other shows, with people instantly picking their favourites and strategically trying to predict who will win, who will be voted out first, and a number of other outcomes.

Bookies on GetFreeBets.co.uk offer a wide range of odds for many of these shows, with thousands of people already rushing to put money on their predictions, with stakes ranging from pennies to more substantial amounts.

“Betting on TV show outcomes has seen a massive boom in recent years, particularly with the rise of talent shows such as ‘The X Factor’ and ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ bringing in a whole new generation of betters,” commented a spokesperson for GetFreeBets.co.uk. “Many people find these shows hugely exciting and want to support their favourites, while also taking the opportunity to win money. This has created a new and exciting dimension to the world of recreational betting, and many of the top names on our site, such as Ladbrokes and Bet365, offer free bets to newcomers who want to become involved.”

Online Casino Myths

November 28, 2010 by admin  
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Playing casino games online can enable those who wouldn’t normally gamble to access a range of opportunities to play on online bingo sites, try blackjack and to indulge in free online roulette sessions. Here at Getfreebets.co.uk we can help those who are new to online casino games, and even those who are experts, to access a huge range of websites and online bookmakers, many of which offer a variety of free bets. However, this increase in players can sometimes allow for the rise of a range of gambling community myths and misconceptions.

For instance, one of the most common myths is that only those people who are friendless and socially isolated use online casinos. This, however, is largely untrue with recent research showing that many online gamblers have families and hold down jobs and long-term friendships, and online gambling can be very sociable, with chat-room facilities and discussion boards a standard feature.

Often, there are accusations that internet casinos give rise to gambling addictions. The truth is that many reputable internet casinos monitor their customers’ gambling patterns to identify any addictive behaviour. If any potentially unsafe playing is highlighted, many sites will close down the player’s account preventing possible out of control gambling.

Many new players are concerned that by registering personal details on internet casinos, their bank accounts can be accessed. This however is a myth and most gambling websites have high levels of security governing their customer’s online accounts. Security software is often installed on these sites which offer full protection when entering personal details.

Why is Online Bingo So Popular?

November 13, 2010 by admin  
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There are a number of reasons why the popularity of online bingo has grown exponentially over the last few years. Although playing bingo in a traditional bingo hall is still well-liked, online bingo is rapidly overtaking this in the popularity stakes.

One of the main reasons for this is that there has been a shift in lifestyles over recent years. For instance, some bingo players often have busy lifestyles and work long hours which would normally exclude them from playing bingo in a bricks and mortar premises. Online bingo can accommodate everyday life with twenty four hour access to bingo games worldwide.

Another reason why online bingo is more fashionable is because people’s access to technology has increased. More households in the UK than ever before have a personal computer, and as such the knowledge of how to use the internet has also increased. Dealing with everyday chores such as shopping, contacting friends and undertaking work tasks can now be done via the internet, so extending this to access entertainment sites seems to be a natural progression.

Bingo in any form is a relatively simple game to understand. Most varieties of this game are easy to enjoy. There are no complicated rules and even those players who are new to online gaming can quickly come to understand the rules.

Here at GetFreeBets.co.uk we can help online bingo players to access online bingo games which often include free bingo games. These free games can offer a taster to those who may be unfamiliar with this form of entertainment.

Bookmakers Falls Victim to Theft

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While online gambling and free bets are becoming more and more popular in the UK, the traditional bookies seen on high streets around the UK are still doing brisk business. Because of the amount of money stored in such premises, they are often targeted by thieves.

One such company to fall into this category recently was Chisholm Bookmakers, Hartlepool Today reports.

An employee at the firm who was struggling to pay off debts he had amassed devised and carried out a plan which involved taking over £3,000 from a safe.

Michael Heath had been working at bookies in Mulberry Rise for two years before he committed the crime.

The 20-year-old went to the shop in the early hours of the morning and used his own personal code to deactivate the alarm system located on the safe before making off with the cash.

Following this, he dumped the clothes he had been wearing while he perpetrated the act and took the money back to his house.

It was here that police discovered the loot and Mr Heath admitted the theft when confronted with the evidence.

The authorities had been alerted when store manager Martin Cook opened the shop the next day to find the alarm off and money missing.

Prosecutor Alan Davison said: “It later transpired that £3,240 recovered by police from [Mr Heath's] home during a search was money from the safe.”

He added that the accused “honestly and graphically” gave admissions in police interviews.

Meanwhile, David Dedman, mitigating, remarked: “This is a man of completely good character who is from a good family. The offence came completely out of the blue.”

Consumers who do not wish to travel to their nearest bookies to indulge in a flutter often head online for free bets. This can be a convenient and cheap alterative.

Internet Casinos and Online Gambling Laws

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The many online bookmakers and websites offering casino games are strictly regulated in the United Kingdom by a series of laws and regulations, the main legislation being The Gambling Act 2005.

For instance, all companies which provide internet gambling (officially known as remote gambling) must apply for a licence from the Gambling Commission. These licences are granted only when the Commission is convinced that the business is in a stable financial position, is competent to operate this type of business and has no relevant criminal convictions against it. These assessments are designed to protect visitors to the website, and help ensure that all casino games experienced are done so on a fair and unbiased way.

Other codes of practice which should be strictly implemented by a remote business include ensuring the protection of young people (this is done when online companies require that all members are over 18 years old), and the provision of information on gambling addiction and support organisations for those customers who may be displaying signs of this illness.

If online bookmakers and casinos fail to abide by these regulations, its gambling licence can be revoked and legal action may be taken against them. Here at GetFreeBets.co.uk we ensure that the sites we use are fully regulated under UK laws and all activities are legal and appropriate. Remote gambling businesses which comply with The Gambling Act 2005 display their licence details on their website, along with information outlining their compliances and commitment to fair gambling practices.

Offers From Online Bookmakers

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Hours can be wasted trawling the internet trying to find just about anything. This can be especially true of worthwhile bookmakers and good deals from the aforementioned. Not only is this process frustrating, it wastes valuable betting time. Get Free Bets is a site which has already accumulated the best offers in the business and placed them all together on one easy to navigate site. With betting news, reviews of bookies and links to special offers directly from them, this site is a great starting point for both novices and expert betters alike.

Whether you enjoy betting on sports, races, events, television shows, or playing games such as poker and bingo online, the free bets offered via this site could come in more than handy, with values from as little as ten pounds, going right up to the two hundred pound mark. All of the featured offers come from sites that are considered reputable within the enormous online betting world, and as a result, any terms and conditions attached are usually worth your compliance to get complimentary bets, especially considering what the free ten pounds could be transformed into.

The site can benefit those new to the online gambling scene, acting as a map or a tour guide, pointing out safe ways to have fun with free bets. For someone with more experience, the site can be a great starting point each day for examining new offers that may benefit you.

So whether it is sports or casinos that interest you as a better, there should be links to sites and offers of great value, definitely worth your attention with the price tag of free – undeniably as good as can be asked for with the current economic situation as it is, particularly when there is a chance for profit to be made.

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