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Imagine being able to navigate all of the best bookmakers online, keeping up to date with betting news, and having a list of sites with free bets waiting to be collected from some of the largest names in betting. It sounds too good to be true, but it’s not. It exists and it’s called Get Free Bets.

Anything offered as free in this day and age naturally comes with terms and conditions attached, but because the site only affiliates with respectable, reputable bookmakers, these conditions are often very reasonable and worth complying with in order to obtain complimentary bets. And in the midst of a global economic recession, ‘free’ is as good as it gets, especially when the chances are, you’ll get something back out of it. Add to this the fact that online betting is an environment where tiny sums of money can be bet for fun, and the possibilities for entertainment expand.

If horses and football are not your bag, and casino-based games don’t interest you either, consider betting on uncommon, unpredictable events. Often run for fun by bookies with a good sense of humour and an interest in current affairs outside the sporting world, bets can be placed on the outcomes of elections, game shows, and so on.

This site is a mecca for betters who fancy a bargain, with free bets on offer from values as small as a tenner right up to the value of £200. The best part of this is imagining what a tenner could be turned into with some shrewd betting. Whether a total novice seeking trustworthy and established companies to play with, or someone who knows the ropes but wants a bargain, the mixture of sport-specific and general sites, alongside recognised and lesser-known companies provides a wealth of options for developing your wealth.

Online Bookies Offers

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Winning is something we all enjoy, coming out on top every once in a while, sometimes slightly richer. Betting oriented website Get Free Bets increases the chances of winning big, by teaming up with some of the UK’s most popular names and bookies that are on the rise, to provide a valuable resource for online betters, linking to places where there are pennies to be won. The site is made up of betting news and information, detailing and linking to free bets and to other great betting sites.

In the middle of a global recession, the word ‘free’ should not be sniffed at more than ever, and it would be foolish not to take advantage of the special offers available, which are usually given as a token of welcome. The online betting world is an environment where very small sums can be bet for fun on more or less anything, providing low-cost, low-risk fun.

This extensive list of betting options covers the obvious such as poker, bingo, horseracing, and football, to the more unusual, infrequent occurrences that grab the UK’s attention such as an election or reality TV show. Free bets are available with a value of as little as £10 up to as much as £200, but the nature of betting is about what you could turn that tenner into. These bets are usually dependent upon certain terms and conditions being met, but with some of the UK’s most trustworthy bookies on board, these are usually a small price to pay, such as a minimum bet.

The site is a great base for hawk-eyed betters and a great starting place for those new to the scene. The links to offers and complimentary bets, available from big-name companies and new, up-and-coming bookmakers are helpful for navigating the online betting environment, opening the door to safe, legitimate chances to bet and to win.

What are Internet Casinos?

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Internet casinos are largely the same as the traditional casinos in as much as they are places where free bets can be made and a selection of games can be played such as slots, free roulette and bingo bonus games. However, rather than visiting a casino, these games are played interactively on the internet allowing a person to enjoy such games wherever they are, provided they have a computer and an internet connection.
Although many of the games offered are free for an initial period of time, players usually deposit an amount of money into an online account after the free play-time is over. This money is then used to place bets on various chosen games and when bets are won, the winnings are deposited into this account.

This can be a real alternative for those who are keen to experience a casino environment but perhaps don’t live within a convenient distance from one, or are unable to travel to one for whatever reason. Others may perhaps be intimidated by the thought of entering physical casinos, and the online varieties offer the opportunity of placing bets without having to face the prospect of walking into a crowded and unfamiliar environment. Some people may only wish to gamble a small amount of money, and may feel somewhat self conscious about this.

Here at we can offer a selection of internet based free bets on a variety of games from free bingo sites and other free casino games.

Online Poker

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With a selection of free bets available online there are opportunities to try out a selection of games. The chance to play poker, for instance, is available and this offers a range of prospects to interact with other players, accumulate cash and to join tournaments.

Starting out by playing free poker online is a safe and convenient way of experiencing different types of these games. In poker alone, there are many varieties such as the popular Texas Hold’em, Draw Poker and Badugi. Each type of game has its own set of rules and stratagems which can enable a player to turn this online gaming into a profitable pastime.

Online poker is played agains several other players who may not necessarily be in the same country as you. Players are ranked and games usually take place between those of a similar skill level. This can ensure that new players are not out of their depth and that the game is conducted fairly. The number of players in a game can vary and larger games can include ten or more.

The more games someone wins, the further they progress in the rankings. Once a higher rank has been achieved, it can be possible to join professional level games where larger sums are at stake. When playing poker online, it is generally recommended that a set amount of money is put aside for playing. This limit prevents a player from losing more money than they can afford. Here at we can source a range of poker bonus games and offer the opportunity to play free poker online.

Get Free Bets in the UK

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Everybody likes to come out on top from time to time, and with Get Free Bets the odds of doing such are greatly increased, with pennies and pounds to be won left, right, and centre. In collaboration with some of the most popular bookies, placing free bets in the UK has never been so simple. The site pulls together betting information about complimentary bets, usually as a welcoming gesture, available on more or less anything.

The site is a perfect ground zero for both keen betters and newbies looking to get in on the action, with introductory offers, and links to tons of free bets in the UK, available from both established companies and up-and-coming bookies. The site provides a great scope of the betting market, providing even more chances to win, be it small or big.

There is an endless list of things to bet upon, from novelty bets to sports or casino games. So for fans of bingo and poker, horse racing and football, and complimentary bets, this kind of site is a potential goldmine, with sums from £20 to £200 on offer from some of the UK’s biggest names. Terms and conditions are occasionally attached to these bets, such as minimum bets, but are usually worth complying for and are from trustworthy, respectable companies. Some of the freebies are exclusive to the site which has gathered repute in the online gambling world.

Not limited to sports or games, bets can be made on the winners of reality TV shows, elections, things that are both silly and serious with potentially surprising outcomes, making life that little bit more interesting.

In these difficult financial times, special offers should be taken advantage of, and the relatively safe environments of online betting, where a few pennies can be put on bingo games for fun, can provide harmless entertainment at a minimal cost and a low risk.

Using Online Free Bets

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Having access to a range of free bets for a variety of gaming sites can often enhance an internet user’s online playing experience. The availability of free bets is a great way to experience a range of online games without the need to spend any money whatsoever. These opportunities can allow a player to try out games which they may have never previously encountered, and to decide which types they prefer, whether you want to play poker, blackjack or roulette. Free bets also enable an online player to practice a few complimentary games of their chosen pursuit until they can feel confident enough to wager a few pounds of their own money.

Getting a feel for a particular type of game and learning the nuances of the online roulette wheel for instance, can increase confidence and ability, and lets a player develop a certain degree of knowledge and expertise. This ultimately benefits the player and makes the online gaming process much more enjoyable and profitable. These small taster games also benefit the company offering the free bets, as a reputable gaming website will often offer bonuses to regular customers as a reward.

The proficiency of a participant in a particular type or genre of game is increased and this ultimately creates a better buzz and interest for those others participating or viewing. Here at we can source the best online free bets on a range of internet casinos, bookmakers and online bingo sites as well as other types of online gambling.

The Facts of Gambling

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Bookmakers are and always will be successful in making money. By their very nature, bookmakers make their money from people gambling and losing. Gambling is by no means a guaranteed way of making money. The definition of gambling is the wagering money or something of value on an event with an uncertain outcome. This could be something as simple as a coin toss where there are only two outcomes all the way up to something like a twenty strong field in a horse race. It doesn’t really matter what you’re gambling on, the fact is you are gambling on something which may or may not happen, this is where risk and reward come in.

As a gambler, there are always ways to minimise your potential losses whilst still being able to land the big payout that all gamblers are after. The obvious way is to bet on events with low risk levels, something with only a couple of possible outcomes. The only problem with this is that the payouts will generally be quite low. For most gamblers, a small payout is not what they are looking for.

The best way to minimise losses is to take advantage of free bets available from We have links to a number of bookmakers offering sign up bonuses and free bets, this allows you to gamble with free money whilst still having the potential to win big. You can therefore gamble on something with higher odds without the worry of losing your money but also having the chance to win big.

Risk and Reward

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The casino game of roulette has been around since the late 18th Century. It is a relatively simple concept, a ball is span round the edge of a wheel containing 37 equally sized segments, 18 of them are red, 18 are black and one is green. When the ball loses momentum, it drops into one of these segments and this is the winning number.

Players can choose to either bet on a specific number or take advantage of a range of outside bets such as betting on whether it will be a red or black number, odd or even number and also whether it will be a number in the first 12, second 12 or third 12.

One of the great aspects of roulette is the high rewards that can be gained. If you bet on a specific number then the chances of winning are 36/1, this means that if you put five pounds on this number you would win £185. Obviously, the reward is high because the risk involved is high; 36/1 is not favourable odds.

The risk only gets worse in real casinos as they generally impose a minimum bet. The way to reduce this risk is to take advantage of free bets available from and play some free online roulette. The great thing about this is that bookmakers will usually offer you a sign up bonus; this means you have more money to gamble and therefore you’ll have more chance to win. Also, the minimum bet for online roulette will be significantly lower so you won’t have the pressure to gamble any more than you want to.

As Good as it Sounds?

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A real casino may initially appear like an unusual and fun place to go. The lure of the lights, the array of games and the prospect of winning big money is something that would appeal to most of us. In many respects, a casino is great for this. If you’re confident and having a little money you can afford to gamble then a real casino can make a great night out.

The problem with real casinos comes when you don’t feel confident and you’re not entirely sure what you’re doing. Some of the games available are complicated and can be confusing for a beginner. Also, casino etiquette is a huge aspect of going to a casino. You have to know when to bet, what to bet on and how to play the game or you could be in for a very embarrassing evening.

The best way to prepare yourself for a real casino is to practice free casino games available from many online bookmakers. These internet casinos allow you to play from the comfort of your own home and the rules are explained clearly. This is the perfect scenario for anyone wanting to get a feel for the games without the risk of potential embarrassment.

Another great way to take advantage of internet casinos is to take advantage of free bets and sign up bonuses that can be found at Most bookmakers offer incentives to get you playing at their casinos, taking advantage of the offers we provide means you can get more practice and feel confident when you hit the casino for real.

Football Crazy

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It’s widely acknowledged that football is the UK’s national sport. There are maybe millions of people playing it, from the jumpers for goal posts school kids, to the Sunday league players, the amateur leagues dreaming of making it professional and all the way up to the worlds finest which grace the Premier league every week. With this level of appeal, it is no wonder that so many bets are placed on this sport.

People love football and often feel like they have a great knowledge of it, this in turn leads to them having a gamble on the outcome of a game because they’re so certain they can predict the result. However, if winning a bet on a football game was that easy, then all football fans would be millionaires. Football is an unpredictable sport so picking the winner might not always be as easy as you think.

In order to have some free bets just in case your original bets don’t come in, you should take advantage of the free bets that bookmakers offer at We have links to a huge range of bookmakers looking to offer your free bets and sign up bonuses when you start and account and make your first deposit with them. You can then use these free bets to gamble on anything you wish. You might not be able to pick the winner of the game but you could always cover your original bet with a free bet on the first goal scorer, you’re then increasing your chances of winning without spending any more money.

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