Different Variations of Online Blackjack

December 15, 2010 by admin  
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In order to play blackjack online it is important to choose a variation which is the easiest to master, and the one which can have the best rate of return for winnings. There are a number of ways which a gambler can play blackjack on the internet, and choosing one can often be an important factor in internet casino success.

Most people who play blackjack will be familiar with the classic version of this game. This is probably the easiest variety to master and involves ‘hitting’ (or taking) a selection of cards until the player becomes bust (i.e. when the value of cards becomes greater than twenty one) or chooses to ‘stand’ or ‘stick’. After deciding to ‘stand’ the player then must see if they have beaten the dealer’s cards by having the highest card value but without the total being more than twenty one.

A different version of online blackjack is Vegas Strip; this version allows for the double counting of the first two cards played and four decks of cards are used, increasing the chances of being dealt certain cards. Atlantic City blackjack is similar to the classic version but is played with eight decks of cards and the dealer has two cards at the start of the game instead of one which allows them to check for blackjack and finishing the game instantly if they have it. At GetFreeBets.co.uk we have the links to enable an internet casino participant to play blackjack and its variations.